A multifaceted guitarist and artistic director, Bruno Allary’s unique musical upbringing blends together the distant worlds of jazz and flamenco. This unconventional background, mixing otherwise disconnected traditions and techniques, accounts for his signature style : a passion for Mediterranean voices, a taste for hybridity and an innate capacity to drift across musical boundaries and genres, compounded by a healthy dose of fearless experimentation.

After he spent ten years as an accompanist for a number of Mediterranean singers, the creation of the Cie Rassegna in 2002 paves the way for a series of personal projects and initiatives : ZAMAN Fabriq (2008), Anis del Mundo (2010) and Les Quatre Vents (2012), nowadays grouped under the umbrella name Ensemble Multitudes.

Under different guises, this batch of creations discloses Bruno Allary’s ambitious ideal and living method : to explore the creative possibilities of dialogue, through time and space, between popular musics of the Mediterranean area ; to generate unexpected crossovers between those intricate, densely textured heritages. A vigorous and graceful take on a fascinating legacy, remaining, always and at once, utterly daring and thoroughly respectful.

For long focused on collective goals, his creative drive now translates into more personal ventures, starting in 2013 with the production of Isabelle Courroy’s first solo album (Confluence #1, Buda Musique, 2014 — Coup de cœur de l’Académie Charles Cros, category « world music »).


« A tue-tête, chansons de Méditerranée »


L’Instant d’Eux #42 – Bruno Allary, metteur en notes de douceur